Start your Own Fundraising Campaign for Lotus Village


Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 4.59.19 PMStart Your Own Fundraising Campaign:

Now you can help build Lotus Village room by room by making your pledge to be a founder. Become a founder by sponsoring one or more dorm units, community rooms or programs for the new Lotus Village. Below is a listing of Causes that you can choose from for your campaign. 

Here are Some Creative Ways to Raise Funds for your Campaign:

  • Invite your family and friends to make a commitment with you to become a Founder with you and sponsor a room together. As an example, if each of 50 friends donate $20 per month for ten months you will have raised $10,000, over five years, $50,000.
  • Host events! Some fun examples: monthly dinners, parties, special occasions and celebrations of any kind (e.g., weddings, birthdays, bat/bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, holidays), flash mob, Pink Party, movie nights, book clubs and other gatherings, donations in lieu of gifts.
  • Become a corporate sponsor or Invite your co-workers to join you as a Founder to sponsor a room.
  • Encourage your place of worship, school, club, sorority/fraternity, or other organization in which you are involved or a member to become a Founder.
  • Ride a bike, dance, swim, run!

Donor Recognition

In whatever way you are capable of giving, we want to express our gratitude for your generosity and recognize you or someone you wish to honor at Lotus Village. The main lobby to Lotus House will include our primary donor recognition wall, where we will thank the donors who have helped to make Lotus Village a dream come true, now and for generations to come. It is fitting that the entrance to this beautiful facility expresses our gratitude for your precious gift, honors your legacy as a village founder, and inspires and motivates future generations to take up the call of service to those in need. It is a reminder to those we serve that they are valued, cared for and loved by many.